Case Study

Understand lead persona and their relationship with the brand.


The Online SME:

L'Estrange is redefining a category that has remained stagnant for too long: smart casual. Led by a mantra of 'nothing is finished until it is perfect, nothing is perfect', they are creating clothes that allow you to transition into any setting, without compromising on comfort and style.


The Challenge


L'Estrange was at the beginning of a very exciting journey. They launched their first product the hood and grew the brand organically, peaking the interests of retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue in New York and across the USA. They reached out when they were about to set in motion the next phase of development across the brand. They had firm ideas of who their customers were, but wanted to take their assumption a step deeper and confirm exactly who they were, before rolling out the next direction for the brand. 

They were looking to better understand the customers who were actually driving their sales online and in turn, use the insight to influence sales & marketing, as well as sharing it with the talented 3rd party teams they were working alongside. The big questions were: establish the underlying drivers of their actual customers, where are they in their lives, and how and what did they relate to in the L’Estrange brand?

Most importantly, Tom and Will wanted to know how they could then use this information to build their business with them, and for them, in mind - from creative direction all the way through to their content and NCA strategy.


The Results


The Who Buys Your Stuff work always begins by asking founders and key members of staff a very simple question - who buys your stuff? Although everyone has their ideas of who their customers are, unless a level of research has been done, the responses are ultimately assumptions. When we ran our methodology across the L'Estrange customer set, we began to unearth some incredibly powerful insights. We found out that they had aspirations of owning their own business, we honed in on their specific life-stage and we found out how they were consuming media enabling the team to tighten everything up across the brand and use the insights to better inform their content strategy. Most importantly, the aspirational element of the brand was distilled down in a way that could be used across the business to convey a bold and commercial message to current and prospective customers.

L'Estange in our opinion, is one of the finest examples of how a business has understood quantifiably who their actual customers are and then applied those understandings across their sales & marketing, to become that much more relevant, progressive and commercial. They used the insight to better inform their site design as well, aiding their external team to reflect back at their customer profile during design.

The results have been staggering - they have doubled email sign-ups, increased the right kind of traffic by 2.2x and online sales are up by 60%.



What They're Saying


"WBYS? allowed us to really understand who our customer is and what makes them tick. This has really changed the way we approach our decision making across the business and has allowed us to be much more focussed towards the people driving our business.

We love Ernie and Gregor's approach. Their energy is infectious and left us feeling inspired."

Tom Horne and Will Green, Founders, L'Estrange London