Meet Stephanie – marketing manager of Millican.

Listen to the step she took just before rolling out her entire marketing strategy. Hear about the direct benefits of a lead persona on sales and marketing. What three words she’d use to describe the value of the work and which key metrics have improved as a direct result of understanding her businesses lead customer profile.

1) What are some of the benefits the lead persona has brought to sales and marketing?

Ultimately it has enabled us to start a consistent and focused conversation with our consumers for both the sales and marketing team, which has strengthened our relationship with our consumers. We have seen a significant increase in feedback and consumer generated content since we started employing the information we learnt throughout this process. 

2) What three words would you use to describe the value of the lead persona?

Focus, confidence, efficiency.  

3) Which improved metrics has the lead profile brought to the sales and marketing table, i.e. increase sales/bookings/traffic/conversion/AOV/lowering CPA’s?

We have seen the most difference in sales and traffic with both increasing significantly in the beginning, remaining consistent since then as we progress confidently.

4) If you had to tell a marketing manager what the benefits are of finding out the businesses lead persona, what would you say?

There is now so much ‘stuff ’ out there for consumers to choose from, they have become expectant of a brand to not only tell them about their product but also to explain how it fits into their life and exactly why they should buy it. The most successful brands at the moment are the ones who identify exactly who it is their product belongs with, so they can begin an honest and focused conversation with their consumer, and start to write a story with them as opposed to selling a story to them. This is exactly what this research has enabled us to do.