... do you actually know who buys your stuff?

This will take less than 30 minutes and could grow your brand.

Timing is everything, so do it just before everyone goes on holiday in August, so you can think about what to do whilst everyone is away and have a plan in place, to hit the September floor running.

It’s a task you need to do with your sales team, marketing team, product team and customer services team and all at separate times and without the specific departments being able to hear one another.

- Ask each team to answer a very simple question: who is actually buying our stuff?

- Write the responses down

- Compare the responses

If the responses are wide and varied and the understanding of who your actual customers are is vague and different across departments – that’s a great thing.

It means you could find out exactly who they really are within four weeks and with very little energy from your side and have all departments finally singing from the same song sheet.

You own the brand, you run the brand, it’s a task you’re obligated to do.

Genuinely looking out for you – Ernest and Gregor