“If you buy a van, it will change your life.”

This was a quote by an old Spanish surfer in the film The old, the Young & the Sea, an award winning film produced by Andreas Jaritz of Nomad Earth, I still remember it. Andreas was touring his film and one of the tour stops happened to be in Brighton, at a place called Dukes of Komedia, organised by a mutual friend of ours Joe Coyne, this was back in 2014. 

I liked Andreas the moment I met him – he loves life and values the little time we have for it, you can tell this immediately.

When I meet people who make an impact on me, I always make a point of checking in on them, whether that be a random text, a Skype message, or an email and the sole purpose of that contact is to see how they’re doing, to make sure they’re happy, healthy and crushing it.

Andreas and I jumped on a call last year and he told me about a concept his business Nomad Earth was putting together called Spaces. He talked about a seven-day work and play retreat for 20 smart entrepreneurs and professionals who want to get inspired, think differently about the things they’re passionate about and surf whenever it's time to down tools and it was all planned to happen in a Villa in Ericeira, Portugal.

It was an exciting call; both of us were genuinely pumped about good things happening on both ends. I remember it being one of those conversations where you are completely devoid of self and instead totally consumed by what was being said – 100% in it.

Fast-forward eight months and the Nomad Earth/Spaces events are in full swing, with the third and fourth events coming up in October. Space #3 is for the content creators and publishers of this world and Space #4 will be for entrepreneurs and start-ups. 

Andreas asked me if I’d like to be a part of Space #3 and deliver a keynote on the week and I replied, “yes,” swiftly.

We’re looking forward to spreading our message about understanding your customers, the actual humans that drive your business, alongside the many other content creators and publishers on the week.

All of this has come about for one reason in my eyes – keeping the contact with people who make an impression on you, keeping the fire lit.

If you’re a content creator or publisher, or an entrepreneur, or a start-up looking to keep your tank topped up and get inspired, the Nomad Earth/Spaces events are going to be something very special.

If you want to be a part of either of the two events, check things out HERE.

Hey Andreas, can’t wait to get out there and I’m grateful to be a part of this hermano.