We have worked with 15 incredible businesses. 

We have developed our own technology. 

We have made EC2A our home. 

And we made the finals of the Online Retail Awards in our category.

How did this stuff happen? 

Time to be super candid with you. The first six months scared the shit out of us and literally had us looking out of windows and down at bank statements.

But there were a few good businesses that understood the problem we were trying to solve and who needed a solution. They became our first clients. 

We worked hard to make shit happen for them and it has paid off. For that I will be forever grateful. Let’s take a quick detour to say some thanks …

Andy and his team. We have so much love for you all. You’re one of the most incredible humans that we know and you can pin that up. 

Jorrit and Jeff. We have had some mind-bending times with you at that sanctuary that sits at the foot of a mountain. We’re grateful for your friendship and belief. What you guys are building will be felt. 

Andy. We delivered the work and it's all moved on to a shop on King's Road and monthly catch ups on business and life.

Tom and Will. A kitchen table over those three days, coffee burning around the clock, thank you both - so much faith in what the business is going to do. 

Ok, back on track.

So in January 2016, Gregor and I decided to move to London for two weeks every month. The plan was to brave this out for a whole year. Being straight up with you, we were nervous, anxious about the set up, the grind, the plan. 

We were building a start-up literally from scratch. Boot strapped doesn’t even come close. Fiancés and girlfriends didn’t even bat an eyelid.

They had our backs – so much amor for you both. We are forever thankful for the support and confidence in helping us do what we needed to do. 

And so we made Campus London our home and the people there have been incredible. Open arms and none of this too cool for school bullshit going on. 

They are really genuine people. They make great coffee. Their insight and energy has been incredible. We are proud to be part of this place. 

So that’s our story to date. The customer research start-up that’s introducing online SME’s to their customers is one year old today. 

Oh, one last thing. 

Those of you who have never had the privilege of working closely with him, Gregor is probably the sharpest, most dedicated bass-ass I’ve ever met. 

He’s everything you’d ever want in a co-founder and friend and I feel so damn lucky to be riding with him – mucho love to you brother. 

And a genuine thanks to all the others who put their hearts on the line.  

Fire in these words, 

Ernie and Gregor.