The John Lewis Partnership has won the award.

Jo Malone has won the award.

Apple has won the award

Waitrose has also taken home the award.

The Online Retail Awards are international, impartial, independent business awards that can be won by online retailers of any size anywhere in the world.

The winner of an Online Retail Award is in the top flight of the world’s online businesses and it has been proven over and over again that the companies that win awards are the companies that win in business.

“The thought of the Who Buys Your Stuff?” logo alongside the likes of Apple, John Lewis, Jo Malone and Waitrose is a mind blower for Ernie and I. We agreed at the start of this journey to build a great business, one that solves a big problem with a great solution. To be recognised and shortlisted for the award in our first year is genuinely a big moment for us”, said co founder Gregor Matthews.

“We spoke to an investor a little while ago who showed some interest in the business and he talked briefly about the silly money getting thrown around for businesses who haven’t even started trading. He went on to say to both Gregor and I, just build a great, profitable business, forget about the silly money and the rest will take care of itself”, said co founder Ernest Capbert.

That is what the WBYS? team are doing - building a great business, one pumped client at a time and the results are in.