Genuine belief and people.

If you do something you genuinely believe in and with the right people, it’s a hard locomotive to stop. 

How many of you are working within a place that genuinely believes in something and with people you genuinely care for and respect?

Look around and ask yourself that question.

If that simple belief is always clear and present, or when talked about by founders or key members of staff it gives teams goose bumps, you're in a strong place. And if the people to your right and left are people you really do care about and respect - a lot of stuff is possible.

Gregor and I were part of a problem at a business we were very precious and proud of. When we couldn’t answer the question Who Buys Your Stuff?, we realised we were jeopardising the ability for the business to grow - that's not an awesome situation to be in.

When we realised just how valuable customer research was to our business and how powerful identifying who our actual customers were, it was enough to move us into action. To leave a place we loved, in order to start the next journey, building something that was addressing a problem we were part of and believed in, and with two humans that have a lot of love and respect for one another.

We genuinely believe in customer research, we believe online SME’s can do it in a fun and simple way and we believe even more so, in putting businesses in a winning position by giving them a clear customer to build great and successful businesses around.

Who Buys Your Stuff's first birthday is the end of this month. In one year, we have delivered 15 lead personas to 15 incredible businesses around the world. We have spoken at conferences all over the country, we have developed our own technology and now we have been shortlisted for a very prestigious award - The Online Retail Awards, E-commerce company of the year.

When you're proud of something you share it, it’s just a shortlist and we have a lot more work to do, but we can’t thank the businesses we've worked with and the humans behind them enough, for being a part of what we're doing.

Online Retail Awards, the boys will see you in September.