Markie Masters is an author, specialises in content and is one hell of an interviewer.

Matt Desmier is sharp, understands brands for what they are brings people together.

The two of them as a force attract very good humans.

Last week they put together an event called once upon a time, they interviewed 4 people building things they believed in and had them share their stories.

We talked about the funnest and simplest customer research start up in the whole world who buys your stuff?

Damien Lee has the midas touch, is confident and is building a rocket ship which is soon to launch. the space shuttle is made of the finest instant noodles on the planet - mr lee's noodles. he secured backing up to the hilt and a team of people to get it to the moon and back. If i had the money, i would throw lots of it and this mans noodles and the business he's about to launch - power pumped Damien 👊

Mark Walker heads up content marketing at event brite, he's contributed to almost every publication you've ever heard of and he said "people share things that confirm their identity" - vibing on the words brother Mark, still am, looking forward to putting together a lead persona and your content strategy and blowing some minds some day in the future 💥 PS he just won the UK 2016 BLOG AWARD - RIDICULOUS ACHIEVEMENT.

Mark Cribb is humble and so passionate about humans and hugging. I was front row when he was talking about his luxury accommodation business in Bournemouth - The Urban Guild and the culture he believes in and i couldn't keep my ass in chair - total froth for his approach and ground up, can do attitude, power vibe session mark 🔥

We're all lucky, lucky to be alive and to be able build the things we believe in - is a most excellent privilege. Rad humans brought together by markie and matt - raising power smoothies to you both, grateful.

Full write up on the event HERE.