80% of startups fail within the first 18 months - Forbes.

The number 1 reason for businesses failing: “Not really in touch with customers through deep dialogue.” Forbes 

Cheers Forbes, in other words, many businesses lack a real understanding of the people who buy from them, making it difficult to engage with them deeply and relevantly.

As marketing managers of online SME’s, the only way to do the above, is to get to know who your actual customers are and build winning strategies with them in mind.

- Before you roll out a content strategy, you’ve got to know who it’s for. 

- Before you roll out a PR strategy, you’ve got to know who it’s for. 

- Before you roll out an advertising campaign, you’ve got to know who it’s for.

If you’re running the sales and marketing department of an online business, or working alongside a marketing director and the conversation continues to revolve around - ‘how do we get more customers’? We think you should pump the breaks and ask another question instead, “who’s buying our stuff”? 

If you and team can’t answer this question clearly and quantifiably, or the responses are wide and varied, then your going to have little hope in building great strategy - ending in less traffic, lower conversions and fewer new conversions.

Maybe it’s time you start thinking about identifying your lead persona (defined as, the customer profile that is contributing to the majority of your business's revenue) and from there, give yourself and your sales and marketing team a powerful business advantage.