So much time and money is wasted on marketing if you don’t know your customer. Here’s a funny 30 second video that points out a serious problem. 

Marketing managers, watch and laugh …

This is a perfect example of the decision making that many online businesses experience when trying to boost sales. A process of guesswork, trial and error and rash decisions that waste huge amounts of time and money. 

But what if you stopped guessing who your customers are? What if you quit making general assumptions about what they like? And pulled the plug on directionless strategies that you hope they might respond to? 

That’s where your data comes in. 

This is pure gold; information that you’re sitting on right now. As marketing managers, you can use this to uncover some incredibly powerful stuff. Like figuring out who your customers really are – their interests, behaviours, how they live their lives, the humans who are actually driving your business. 

We want to save online SMEs money. We want you to stop blowing your marketing budget, to stop reporting mediocre metrics to directors, to stop rolling out generic digital ad campaigns, and to stop assuming that you know your customer and instead find out who buys your stuff. 

You can do this. Our clients keep climbing and so do their sales – this isn’t an unfounded claim, speak to them – speak to us, even. We’ll show you how we go about identifying the customer profile that is buying from you and then we’ll help you build a damn fine strategy to find more of them. 

New bikes are selling, guys.