Rip It Up, Start Again: Shoreditch House, April 29th

I met up with Lulu Laidlaw-Smith at The Hoxton Hotel last year. She’s incredibly passionate and knowledgeable when it comes to branding and FMCG's – I dig her. I ordered a green tea, so did she. Then down to business. 

The reason for our meeting was to talk about a start-up event at Shoreditch House presented by her branding agency, Honey Creative. She was scoping out new brands that had a clear vision and were using tech to disrupt their space. 

A few months later, she invited me to her offices at Florin Studios (famous for being the fictional home of that total hero Hercule Poirot from the Agatha Christie stories). Lulu asked me to come along to the event and share our story, our message – introducing the world of online SME’s to their heart, their best customers, their lead persona

I headed back to tell Gregor (nickname Scotia) the news. He flashed me one of those infectious grins. ‘Yes, Scotia,’ I said. 

So, there we have it. We’ll be speaking at Honey’s Rip It Up, Start Again event. It’s going to be one hell of a line up, telling our story alongside Paddy from RealStew and Giles from What3Words. They’re both making some awesome start-ups that use tech to shake up their spaces. We can’t wait to get on the dance floor with them. 

There are a few tickets left. Come along and find out what we’re doing with Who Buys Your Stuff?, get inspired, meet some of the most exciting tech start-ups out there right now. For more info on the event, find it HERE.