We hear the same excuse everywhere we go. It’s nuts. 

‘We have so many different customers, we have yogis and young mums and teachers buying our stuff, so it’s difficult to focus on just one group without alienating the others’. 

No it’s not. 

Don’t believe us? Give us your data. 

We have 13 clients. All of them started off believing the quote above. That’s before we fired up our power profiling tools, rubbed elbows with their best customers, profiled their demographics, personalities, behaviours, attitudes and much more. Just over four weeks later, when we show them the results, we change their mind - guaranteed.  

Numbers talk every time.

Here’s how it’s done. Out of all the customers you have, there’s always a quantifiable lead persona that makes up the majority of your revenue. 

It’s this lead persona that we’re pushing here at WBYS? Like an 8 year old pushing out lemonade on a hot summer’s day (just like mikey in the picture above, he's a terrific kid), we’re doing it for a good reason and we’re killing it.   

Our 13 clients have revenues ranging from 500k to 15m. We’ve identified their lead persona and they’re now using this across their sales and marketing. The results are in:

Their sales = UP

Their conversions = UP

Their traffic = UP

We’re halving their CPA’s! Not to mention giving their marketing managers a damn good reason to throw a party after those Monday morning meetings. 

If you want to give your sales and marketing a start point, give us a call at WBYS? and we’ll quantifiably introduce you to your lead persona. Then we’ll show you how to use this to drive sales, increase bookings, conversions, traffic and CPA’s in the right directions.

Give us a call. Pumped for it.