Starting a business is not cheap and there are a number of roads you can take to make it happen. You can get investment, you can tighten up waist belts, you can ask favours from friends and family, or you can get it profitable quick and have the business pay for itself.

In the financial mine field of starting up, there are about 101 other ways of making it happen, but to keep this short and sweet, Gregor and I decided on getting WBYS? profitable quick. Forget borrowing people's money, or the wrong investors at a rush, instead - let's present our solution to a big problem and market it clearly and thanking our lucky stars - it's happening - universe thank you.

During that start up phase, where emotions are raw, senses are on high alert and you're living very much in the moment, certain things seem to stand out more so than if you were just running through the motions - part of the excitement of starting a business.

During our stays in London and after some long days grinding, hustling, speaking, dodging traffic on bikes and snacking on those protein pots at M&S, there's a woman who works for South West Train Line, that always looks out for us. Her name is Harriett and she is something else.

She's got a smile that could literally light up the night, on numerous occasions she's held the train for Gregor and I and one time, she even asked the platform to "make way for some right on guys, on funny bikes".

She made such an impression on us, that we tweeted in to the peeps at Southwest Train Lines and about 3 weeks later we heard Harriet got a promotion, Gregor and I even got a little emotional when we heard, no floods of tears, but a fist pump on the train and two big smirks.

So in the flurry of sales and marketing and products and services and building our businesses, keep an eye out for the Harriett's out there. They are good, they are kind and they'll take care of you when you least expect it and need it most.

Hey Harriett, you don't drink much and neither do Gregor I, but if we did - This Bud would be for you.