We get further in life when we’re candid, we believe this. 

Before the start of the year, Gregor and I didn’t know shit about tech. We didn’t know how to build software or make an app, let alone work with a developer. That’s the truth, I’m being candid.

We didn’t know where it was going to happen, how we were going to build it, what the journey was going to look like, who was going to be involved - we just had a head full of very rough sketches. 

8 months later, we’ve got eleven amazing clients and we’re building our second product. Aside from discipline, we also had hustle, friendship, and more hustle. These are two of the biggest things we’d like to share with you. 

  1. We met a guy called Dan. He’s a friend of Gregor’s girlfriend, Bonnie (she's a designer, she designed our logo, branding, site). 
  2. We picked Campus London as the place to hang our hats. 

Dan is a successful CTO. He’s crushing it and he’s been a ridiculous friend. Helping us out whenever he can and extending one of the friendliest hands of friendship we’ve experienced in a very long time. Dan, we are grateful. 

Campus London has the vibe of a university on steroids. It offers up free crash courses on a daily basis and very good coffee, not to mention being home to the kind of people you hope to have at your wedding - kind, useful and super pumped. Campus London, thank you for opening your doors to WBYS? you guys are fucking great!

If you’re going to get into tech and you don’t know where to start, find a Dan and spend all your time at Campus London