We’ve been talking about WBYS? at events up and down the country this year. We’ve been to Warrington, Cornwall, Bath, London, and the message is a very simple one: SMEs need to know who’s driving their business. 

Booking a holiday was never a fun or sexy thing until Airbnb happened. The same goes for customer research. Then Who Buys Your Stuff? showed up. 

Imagine working with two great guys, both fun as hell. They slice up the data you’re sitting on, engage with your top customers, then three weeks later they introduce you to the profile that is quantifiably driving your business. 

No more ABC1 bullshit. No more guessing where to put your digital add spend. Imagine reporting on CPA’s dropping and newsletter sign-ups and conversions going north. Imagine this taking hardly any of your time and not even costing that much. 

We’ve introduced 11 awesome clients to the customer profile that’s driving their business. They range from premium clothing and fashion brands, to luxury accommodations. Every single one of them has been so pumped about the findings and the value we delivered. 

Next week we’re going to hang out with the team from Company Shortcuts, led by the very successful Lara Morgan and Nicola Cook at their business blast event in London. And we’ll be talking about customer research once again. 

If you’re an online SME (or working for one) and you’re not able to answer the simple question “who buys your stuff?” then come along to one of our events. The next one is here. No sweat if you can’t make it, just give us a call any time.