Amongst other things, I wrote the copy for Finisterre for 10 years with help from some very talented people along the way. To slam words together passionately and talk about what we believed in and how it was going to change the world was an incredibly powerful thing. I get goosebumps when I think of the winning pieces we put out there over the years. 

But, like sport, you win some and you lose some. One day the words would fly off the fingertips and people would respond with enough energy to power a steam train and other times it would fall on deaf ears. That’s the way things go. 

In saying that, we’ve been working with a copywriter and he’s one sharp son of a bitch. He looked over all my best pieces (responses/views/shares) and then he dissected them and created a cheat sheet – he calls it a tone of voice. 

In short, he’s helping us keep our message on track. He gets winning messages out there and keeps the losing ones where they should stay – in the draft box. This is actually a plug. I don’t plug, but I’m plugging the shit out of this guy – because his ToV is awesome and he's an incredibly kind and useful human. I reckon old Ernest Hemingway would’ve moonwalked all the way to his library after seeing our new ToV. 

Seth Rowden – you are very good, thank you from the WBYS? camp. 

Those interested in Seth - visit him HERE