Building good stuff takes time. It’s hard work and finding the right people is even tougher - possibly the toughest part of all. We’ve been on the lookout for the last 3 months for an absolute hero to join our team. Someone to build our second product, a piece of kit that’s going to allow our clients to start real-time, crazy powerful conversations with their best customers. It’s going to be insane.

Tech investors are excited, tech event organisers are excited - and most of all, the good people that run the cool brands we’re lucky enough to work with are excited about it. But everyone told us that talented developers cost through the nose and that good dev’s are hard to find. We didn’t listen to them. Instead we lucked out and found the most amazing guy to help us build this thing. 

Hari was previously CTO and co-founder of SimplyCook and before that, Lendinvest. They’re both tech companies that raised millions of pounds and are growing very fast, you would've seen their adverts all over tube stations. So when we met Hari we knew he was going to be perfect. The caveat? He’s already crushing it and we’re only a small set up (at the moment). Getting him on board was going to be difficult. 

Gregor and I decided that we needed someone that was not only good enough to turn heads at Campus London, but someone who also understood the big problem we’re trying to solve. 

Problem: the majority of online SMEs don’t know who their customers are. Our solution: we’re going to build incredible products that introduce and connect brands to their customers.

When we told Hari this, he did a backflip in the lobby of Campus London and yelled down to the ground floor, ‘I’m building a rocket ship!’

‘Exactly Hari,’ we replied. 

NASA, we’re building a customer research rocket ship. Three guys, minimal flight time, and pumped as hell! Wish us luck.