Before Airbnb launched, the company meticulously identified and then storyboarded 45 different emotional moments for Airbnb hosts (people willing to rent out their spare room or entire home) and guests. Before doing anything, Airbnb understood who their customers were and then built a business around them.

CEO Brian Chesky told Fast Company. “Are these hosts men or women? Are they young, are they old? Where do they live? The city or the countryside? Why are they hosting? Are they nervous? It’s not that they [the guests] show up to the house. They show up to the house, how many bags do they have? How are they feeling? Are they tired? At that point, you start designing for stuff for a very particular use case.”

If you're running a business or heading up its marketing and you're planning your marketing strategy for 2017, without a clear idea of who your actual customers are - this is crazy.

In this episode and in 2 minutes, we talk about how to build the best marketing strategy for 2017.