We can't express just how fundamental doing Customer Research is to your business and it's employees. Without customers, you have no business. How do you get customers? You engage with them emotionally, or solve a specific problem of theirs with a wonderful product, or service. In other words, the only way to get customers, is to genuinely understand them and in order to understand them, you've got to do Customer Research. 

In the past 'big research' i.e. Oracle's and Experian's, were the only options out there for businesses. So if you wanted to do Customer Research, you had to work with an external super power that was going to charge you a small fortune and take half a year to do it - cheers! 

Well times have changed and so to have technology, as this wonderfully written Forbes article points out

If you really want to figure out who your actual customers are (with the aid of technology and some good old fashioned evolution you can), only this time, it's super cost effective and only takes 3 weeks - see short vlog below.

How many business owners, directors, employees and agencies can't actually describe the customers they're trying to engage with and attract? I mean really describe them i.e. their behaviours, their genuine interests, their life stage, best words to use when speaking to them, how they consume their media and this list goes on.

If you can't, it's time you thought about finding out who they are first.

Who Buys Your Stuff? business starts here.