I remember putting a big poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger up on the wall of my bedroom like a lot of kids and he was probably holding a big gun and there were rather large explosions happening behind him. We all have people, or things that keep us motivated throughout our lives. It may be the idea of an individual and what they've achieved, or the cabin in the woods someday, with kids climbing trees and cucumbers the size of water melons coming out of the ground and a great river to fish from only a stones throw away.

Either way, we've got to keep those things alight. Al Ries is a best selling author and the man behind a series of branding concepts that Gregor and I have built a lot of great strategies on and I would go as far as to say, he's one of my Arnold Schwarzenegger's in present time.

15 years ago, the book Al wrote was an incredible read and I remember thinking the guy writing it, was probably in some high powered office at the time, driving a few multi-million pound businesses forward and holidaying 9x a year in the tropics I wasnt far off. So the very idea that a guy like Al, would at some point know about a business Gregor and I would launch and then endorse it, was beyond dreams, an absolute longshot.

Al Ries, the Best Selling Author, home run entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author of the 22 Immutable Laws of Branding has seen what we're doing, even experienced it and was kind enough to say a few words about it:

"The world is full of research firms who charge by the pound. The more questions, no matter how abstract or useless, the more they can charge. Who Buys Your Stuff is different. It focuses on profiling your online customers in a simple, but powerful way".

All we can say is #pumped #humbled #wildestdreams thank you Al Ries.