In the world of ecommerce, the acronym ‘CRM’ 10 years ago didn’t mean much to a brand owner.

If you were trying to get your head around selling online at that time, ‘Customer Relationship Management’ was likely way down the pecking order of things to do. It was happening though and those who were doing it were ahead of the game.

Fast forward to today, if you’re an online business it would be almost impossible to run it without a really tight CRM strategy. It is an area of an online business that has gone from ‘I’ll think about it’ 10 years ago, to ‘it’s all we think about now’.

Customer Profiling is quickly becoming the next thing online brands will have to do, only it’s not going to take 10 years to get there.

We’ve gone from 2 clients to 7 in 4 weeks. This is not because we’re nice guys, or totally on top of it, or really good at selling something, it’s because the value is real and clear.

With Customer Profiling you get to meet the person driving your business via a profile based on your best customers, so that your brand can be in a better position to grow more of them, be more relevant to them, build better products for them.

Customer Profiling is happening and the brands doing it are gaining an edge by engaging their most valuable resource – their customers.