We can all get better at stuff. I get super short in the evenings, I just do and sometimes Im not the best guy to have around for support when it comes to loved ones Im hard on myself and I can be even harder on the ones I love.

But Im working on it, and doing things to make sure Im in the right mood to support and encourage, and its working.

Like improving ourselves, or a triathlon finish, we can do the same with sleep. We spend a third of our lives doing it, yet as humans we know so little about it. Our general knowledge on it is crap, compared to something like nutrition, yet I would go as far as to say, that its just as important as the things we put in our bodies.

If you get better at sleep and you perform better, you recharge endorphins, encourage cellular growth quicker. Its literally something, if improved, can be life changing.

Things like:

-       Sleeping on your side, or back which one are you? As there are some great things you can do to improve this

-       Reducing light in a room

-       Get off your phone 1hr before and read, or catch up with the one person whos got your back

-       Earplugs, totally crazy how this can improve sleep effectiveness

-       Dont eat anything two hours before bed and if you really need to put something in your mouth go for a carrot

-       Krill Oil were deficient in omega 3s and this little guy, taken every day, can improve sleep by a country mile

Imagine if you could say youre a pro at sleeping i.e. sleep effectiveness, get into deep sleep, stay there and then come out when its time. Imagine 6.5hrs and being fully recharged, as opposed to the 8+ and sluggish as hell think about it.