Some people love the ritual of holding a book and the feeling of flipping through the pages, as they read and learn something new, whilst others get their learning kicks by watching a documentary, or sitting down with someone in conversation. Either way, there is no wrong or right way to learn something new. If you’re learning, you’re living. 

Some of my most memorable memories have been inside a book; making time for them is another thing all together. Kevin Kelly, co-founder of Wired Magazine, when being interviewed, was asked, “what is the one hobby that can have a life changing impact on your life”, he responded, “reading. If you can read ten books a year he said, start to finish, this could change your life forever.” 

Now normally, I would've shucked the comment off, as it seems everyone nowadays has a silver bullet for everything, but this Kevin Kelly was sounding like such a weapon during the interview, that I had to dig a bit deeper.

Some back story, much like the many of you who are reading this, Gregor and I are running a start-up that helps online sme’s, pinpoint exactly who it is, that's driving their business, in short - we’re introducing brands to the heart of their business. Now this is not a hobby by any means, it is a time swallowing adventure and like many of you, we’re thinking about it all the time. We're thinking about it when we wake, when we’re showering, driving a car, even when in mid conversation with a loved one – it is tough to switch off and we’re cool with that, as it’s the adventure we’ve chosen.

So bearing in mind the above, finding time to read books in order to enhance your life, whilst at the same time running a start-up, can be tough. 

Before I turned weekly routines upside down to make way for ten books a year, I thought long and hard about ways of possibly doing it, without making any drastic changes - as the drastic changes rarely ever stick. 

Much of the problem solving centred around better using my time, as well as thinking more about how I may be able to consume the books differently. I’ve got to be straight up, when I first thought of the idea, I thought no chance in hell, then I tested it for a month and although it may not work for everyone - I’ve got to say, for those that this does work for, it’s going to blow your mind.

So here it is, the ‘ life changing’, read ten books a year, seamless plug and play into your busy lives plan. 

First: think about a few moments every week that you spend on your own i.e washing dishes, running and gym are the ones for me. 

Secondly: Go to Audible, it’s like Netflix for audio books. Pick the ten books you want to crush and begin listening to them at the gym, or when you're running, commuting - whatever.

I’m going through a book every three weeks, spending three to four hours a week listening to books I've wanted to read for a long time and I'm doing it whilst running, working out, or doing dishes - try it.

Thank you Mr. Kelly.