“It takes two flints to make a fire.” Louisa May Alcott

Well Louisa, we couldn’t agree with you more. Behind the Who Buys Your Stuff curtain, there’s a network of highly talented, hyperactive and passionate people.

There would be no site, or beautiful logo, or awareness of space, without a Bonnie.

There would be no film without a Lee and a Greg.

There would be a total disregard for the English language without a Jack.

And there would be imagery and portraits looking as if we used a disposable, if it wasn’t for Celine.

and this list goes on.

At Who Buys Your Stuff and like our lady Louisa May Alcott put it, No fire was ever started with just one flint and this fire my friends, was started with a truck load of it.

Thank you to everyone who pulled this thing together.

Who Buys Your Stuff,

Ernest and Gregor

If you need help in visual identity, or design - you may want to reach out to Bonnie Mably here.

If you need two highly talented and very good looking guys putting a film together for your brand, or Creative Direction, get in contact with Greg Dennis (here) and Lee Burnett (here).

If you like to write but have the grammar of a six year old, or need someone to help with your storytelling, you can contact Jack here.

If you need a photographer and a pro set up, you can contact Celine here