Big data, email marketing, toppling metrics, but what numbers are you really trying to move? As a marketer, the world can actually be a fairly confusing space, with so much moving at such an incredible rate.

A lot of people are saying that businesses are losing touch with their customers and the relevance of their content to the people that drive their business. There is this ‘disconnect’, which is a growing problem. With the rise of online and the demise of retail, human contact is under threat and, with it, the subconscious engagement that goes on within businesses and their most valued customers.

The digital marketing toolkit available to businesses these days is so big, and there’s so much noise, that business are just churning out messages without, often, knowing who really buys their stuff. 

So now, more than ever, brands have to find ways to stay in touch with the customers that drive their businesses. This is a vital point. We’re not talking about the people who engage on social channels and open emails. We’re talking about the customers who do this and then actually buy something; they put 3-4 items in their basket and click ‘checkout.’ These are the ones who drive the business and this is a crucial differentiation.

You shouldn’t be looking for customers who Like you on Facebook and view your videos, although this plays an important part in the overall strategy. The customer every business wants is the paying customer.

So knowing all there is to know about this group is hugely important and not just for marketing purposes, but also product development, content generation and customer service. Imagine if you could find out who the person was that was driving your business so you could do more for them (design better products for them, heighten your engagement with them through more tailored content) while increasing sales from them, and, at the same time, finding more of them.

If you’re an online business, sitting on data and building in top level strategies without a clearly defined person in mind, a quantifiable one (who actually buys your stuff), is crazy. 

If you do the research you can find out in under four weeks who’s driving your business: it’s a real person introduced to you by hard numbers and then brought to life.