Starting up a business takes it out of you. Networking, presenting and pitching causes you to release huge amounts of stress throughout the day and makes you forget things you wanted to say; it leaves you running below optimum. 

Sleep is probably one of the most important things we can do, yet the majority of us have no idea whether we’re doing it the right way, or the wrong way. So, for me and Gregor, we did what we do best, we recorded data and used it to improve our efficiency. The results amazed us.

Imagine if you could monitor your sleep really easily. Imagine if you could map out, without having to think too much about it, what you ate the night before, what you did and why instead of having a night’s rest of 56%, your clocking 78% efficiency.

A good night’s sleep (and we're sounding like a mattress discounters here) can be the difference between crushing it,  living a happier family life and having better conversations, yet not many of us are doing much about it.

You know those days when you’re on fire, when everything you say is tight and you inspire everyone you meet? They don’t happen by chance. For us, they’re a combination of us being in total control of a few fundamentals and, more excitingly, now we know how to replicate them. 

Let me explain.

For the last year, we’ve been monitoring our sleep, tweaking it and improving it. And the results are incredible: better sleep and less time needed in bed, which means we can get more shit done. Below is a graph of Ernie’s sleep effectiveness over the last six months. Notice the ups and downs and the subtle increases towards the end. 

It’s an incredible example of seeing the data, using it in the right way and then making changes to improve things. The only problem is, now Ernie is even more wired than before.

The sleep app is called Sleep Cycle. It’s easy to use and the graphs are just awesome. It takes a bit of time to get used to but then you’re off. Those of you concerned about bluetooth and radiation, you can use it for a few months, understand your sleep routines, map out a plan and then ditch it because you’ll know how to recharge more effectively overnight and ‘crush it’ more often.