We’re doing a lot of talking at the moment and people are listening. Gregor and I made a plan before launching Who Buys Your Stuff, and part of that plan was to try and crash events (as many as we could), and, if we’re lucky, maybe even talk at some of them and tell the online SME world about our mission.

Earlier this year we were invited to deliver a keynote speech at the Young Enterprise event, run by a national charity, that gets the younger generation pumped on starting their own business. It was an absolute pleasure and Mr Elon Musk (founder of American aerospace manufacturer, SpaceX, and co-founder of PayPal) would’ve been proud, some of the kids were talking rockets and Mars.

We then became part of Newquay Business Week, where business owners and entrepreneurs came together to share their stories, the overall sentiment being that people were vibing and full of inspiration to go and crush it.

While crashing stages in Cornwall, we found ourselves in collaboration with Stranger Collective, who had hosted an incredibly intimate night in London, where start-ups shared the importance of cutting through the ‘big data’ and finding out what really makes their customers tick.

If you’re looking to put an event together and you want a couple of guys getting on stage and getting pumped on disrupting customer research, introducing businesses to their hearts and going wild on stage, please give us a shout.

For bookings, call our booking line on: 0800 877 8400… just kidding, we don’t have a booking line. Just call us and we’ll figure something out.